Terroirs East Dulwich is now offering takeaway food. So yes! You CAN have that amazing charcuterie board in front of you while watching Netflix....you're welcome.

We are currently offering our Rotisserie meals on a pre-order basis in conjuction with a selection of "Ready to Heat" meals that you can grab and go.


Working with the same environmentally conscious mindset as before, in order to reduce waste, we welcome you to bring your own bags & bottles from home whenever possible and we will fill them for you with FOOD OR WINE!


"Our food celebrates the best ingredients and changes every day. Drawing inspiration from France, Italy and Spain, every small plate is designed to share and enhance the wine-drinking experience. 

Our charcuterie, cheese, and bar snacks are all designed to be nibbled, tapas-style, while sipping something interesting at the bar......

Or fill your bistro table with plates of hearty slow-cooked Suffolk pork belly, Christian Parra Boudin Noir, Dungarvan rock oysters and whole tin of Don Bocarte Anchovies."

Bon appetit !



7th - 13th June



Black Olive Tapenade  3.75

Hummus  3

Smoked Mackerel Paté  4.5




Come in and check out what we have in store



Sandwiches of the Week

Cold Roast Lamb, Aioli & Tomato


Veggie option available on demand

Sandwich Only 5.5

Sandwich & Soft Drink Combo 7

Slice of Quiche of the Day 3

Come in and check out what the Chefs prepared today



Lasagne 8.5

Lamb Shank, Butter Beans & Rainbow Chards 10

Beans Stew, Wild Garlic Pesto 7

Housemade Gnocchetti 2

Tomato Sauce  2.5 ~ Beef Ragu   3.5



collection between 12pm - 6.45pm M-F, 12pm -3.45pm Sunday

**For Pre-Order Duck please order 2 days in advance, Chicken 2 hours in advance by calling us @ 0208.693.9021**

**For Monday collection for duck please order by Friday**

 **We will always try to have a spare chicken or 2 on the spit for walk-ins, but it's best to RESERVE ONE ahead of time**

Rotisserie Chicken with handcut Fries,

Coleslaw & Green Salad 20

(serves 2-4)

Half Rotisserie Chicken with Sides 10

Rotisserie Chicken Only 15 

Half Rotisserie Chicken Only 8

Rotisserie Free-Range Duck, Carrot, Potatoes & Peas  30

(serves 2-4)

Order minimum 2 days in advance


Side handcut Fries 3.5

Side Coleslaw 3.5

Side Green Salad from Keat's Farm 3.5


Chocolate Mousse & Nut Brittle 5.5

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terroir / tɛrˈwɑː French tɛrwar / noun

1. the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate  2. the characteristic taste and flavour imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced.